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Question   My compliments!
Christina....the pictures/website are fabulous....I finally had some time to peek....keep up the good work!

- Brenda Pelletier September 03, 2010

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Question   Nepal Photographs
I am sorry I did not get back to you earlier with the screams of elation that came out of me when I saw your photographs. I am a photographer and I know full time photographers and you are a photographer! I never anticipated these types of shots. This is extreamly intriguing work.

-  January 05, 2008

  Answer I am totlaly wowed and prepared to take the next step now.

- Bubi Bubi  July 09, 2011

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Question   Orange Street. New Haven
My home has been Orange St for 35 years and I remember shopping at the Orange Market - thank you for the memory.

-  July 01, 2007

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Question   Images
Great images of France and Nepal. You have a great gift of composition, design and post preduction processing. The image os the henna hand on the child in Nepal is sublime!

-  June 24, 2007

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Question   Photography
What awesomely marvelous photographs these are! Two of my favorites on this viewing are the tall temple with the various ritual animals arrayed on the way up (and the stair crowded with people: is this in Bhadgaon) and the little child standing before the bottom third of a characteristically ornate door. But they're all wonderful. The flowers are wonderful too: how do you ever get them like this on a black background?

Charles A. Porter
New Haven. CT.

- Christina Kelly-Hunter June 16, 2007

  Answer I echo all of these comments. Talented Christina. You have the eye. I was struck by how happy and attractive all of your people look.

- Michael McDaniel  December 10, 2009

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